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Beyond Life and Games: Review of Xenogears

Many people from the Playstation 1 era would say that Final Fantasy 7 is their favorite RPG.  I certainly enjoyed it when I played but I no longer feel that way.  Although I didn’t play it when it first came out, Xenogears remains one of my favorite RPGs, from its psychological and philosophical themes, the actual timelessness of the relationship between Fei and Elly, and of course the giant mechs (or gears). Check out this review of the 1998 game.

Between Life and Games

The time has come for my first review. For such a special occasion, I have chosen one of my favourite games of all time, Xenogears. Before I start, it should be known that my rating scale is in the 0-10 range, with 5 being average. I also do not give high scores very easily – for instance, only about 25 games I’ve played have earned a score of 9 or more in my eyes.


Game: Xenogears
Developer: SquareSoft
Platforms: PlayStation; PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita (PSOne Classics)
Original release: 1998
Territories: Japan, North America

Xenogears is a science-fiction RPG by SquareSoft for PlayStation. The main writer and mastermind behind the game is Tetsuya Takahashi, who later also became known for the Xenosaga series and, more recently, Xenoblade Chronicles. The game is considerably long, even for an RPG, taking 60-80 hours to beat. It is a considerable investment of time.

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