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A Boardgame of Thrones: War of the Four Kings

After the death of King Robert Baratheon, Westeros remained calm for only a short while before the lords Alyn Baratheon, Garys Stark, Petyr Lannister, and Steffon Tyrell began expanding their influence throughout the Seven Kingdoms.  These lords were too busy mustering their troops to notice the Wildings testing the strength of The Wall.  In fact, despite the fact that it was only a small band of Wildlings attempting to scale The Wall and cause chaos to the Night’s Watch, these four lords nearly failed in the protection of the realm because they had been too busy exerting their influence on the Iron Throne by manipulating the lesser lords of the King’s Court and imposing their will on their fiefdoms.  Thankfully the lords Garys Stark and Petyr Lannister had some foresight and sent enough men to the Night’s Watch to repel the Wildling attack.  After the Wildlings’ first attempt on entering Westeros failed, the war began proper.

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