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The Labyrinth

And now he is a Risk Master!  This is a mortal who can rule over all others and has powers to change the world.  There is but one law for which even he is bound: THE SACRIFICED MUST STAY DEAD!

Four boys found themselves trapped within a magical labyrinth, not knowing how they got there.  It was dark but that did not stop them from searching out the exit.  Despite the darkness they had no difficulty in finding mystical totems scattered about its halls.  Every so often the walls would shift and they would find themselves even more alone.  The totems seemed to bring brightness to their world, as encompassed by the ever-shifting labyrinth, and momentarily brought relief but the relief never seemed to last long.

“Tyr, Haldor, where are you guys?” shouted Baldwin to the elder boys.  “Are you safe?”  It took much straining of his ears to make out their voices.

“I’m just looking for the hooting owl,” said Haldor.  Of course, there was no owl hooting; Baldwin knew that at least the eccentric Haldor was as safe as could be expected.

“Everything is fine over here, though it would be nice if there were lights on.  I can’t see a damned thing!”  Tyr did not often get angry, but it was clear to Baldwin that his friend was losing his patience in this maze with no exit.

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