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A Pirate’s Life for Me!

It was a familiar game among lesser pirates: sink or capture enough ships and be the first to be rewarded with 100 gold from the captain!  It was a bloody sport of steel, fire, and death, all seemingly for a massive inflation of ego and a standard of gold.  What pirate could resist such violent fun, and what pirate in his right mind would turn away the chance for some easy cash?  Such were the thoughts of three scourges of the sea: Udyrte (older dirt) Patches, Dyrte le Tiger, and Verbal Peppers, whose father had always wanted him to become a doctor.

Udyrte Patches: “I was a captain and, dammit, I’m going to be a captain again!”

Dyrte le Tiger:  though he has a desire to become a captain, he takes great pleasure in creating chaos.  To the rest of the world he is known as a dangerously demented man.

Verbal Peppers:  a young man oft neglected due to his communication difficulties; no one understood his use of silence, but they would come to respect and fear it in time.

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