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How do you make Dune a great movie?

For anyone who has seen David Lynch’s 1984 movie or seen SciFi’s two miniseries you know how difficult it is and would be to make new Dune movie, especially a faithful adaptation celebrated by both fans and casual viewers alike.  Who doesn’t want to see the mighty and terrifying sandworms, the “weirding way” of the Bene Gesserit witches, or Herbert’s inversion of the classic hero’s journey?

Here’s a good article on the difficulties on making Dune into the great movie it deserves.


The Games We Play (Part 2)

Two-Jay felt that familiar buzz and reached for his phone, expecting to hear the voice of his co-conspirator.  “Do you have the item?” said the voice.  “Was it worth it?”

“Well,’ replied Two-Jay, “it all came down to a game of Parcheesi.  That should tell you everything you need to know.”

“So it was a trap after all.  I suspect it was for Tomar.  Any hard feelings that we were the ones to take care of that issue?”

“I don’t believe so, sir.  In fact, I won that key Tomar was so eager for us to steal.”

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2010 Dune Fan Fiction Contest: Entry #5

The Hawk of the Prescient Man
Flew over the Kingdom of Sand,
But when the moon sunk too low
He knew that time would not slow,
And child did amend what Father began.

~The Oral History

There were many nights when Leto would absorb every detail of the desert into his being, but this evening he would have no such luck on his run back toward Arrakeen, as he was filled with adab—the demanding memory.

Though he often sought out specific memories to aid in his reshaping of the empire he inherited from his father, there was also a sharp fear when the memories came unbidden to Leto.  Memory was an enduring pattern that could be affixed onto oneself, but the danger of the preborn lay in the absolute perfection of the ancestor’s memories within the body.  He could remain within these memories and leave the empire to rot.  Such a temptation to lose oneself would mean death, and Leto still had much work to accomplish before he would be allowed to die.

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