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Can you be a (video game) hero?

After heading out through a tunnel you come across a quiet glen and after some investigating you press onward.  Suddenly a dragon appears, spews out fire, and you die.

Then you hit RETRY and since you know that there’s a dragon ahead you realize where not to step.  This time you are prepared for the beast and know just how to take it down.

Sure, it is exciting to learn from your mistakes and how to overcome once enormous obstacles but are you really the “hero” in such video games?  What seems to be  the real reason that you are the hero is in your ability to retry.  This time you will be stronger.

Is this something that bothers gamers?  Does this take away from the enjoyment of said game or do you accept it because were the ability to retry removed from a game end with you being frustrated and not want to return at all to it?

Check out the article below for more thoughts on this subject.  Aside from the deaths in games like Demons’ Souls or Dark Souls where the games are meant to be challenging and the player is meant to learn from every death, I’ve never really given this concept much thought.

Video Game Deaths: Are you really a hero? | Game Over You Suck.




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