New Playstation 3 Game: “rain”

So, you play as a boy who has become invisible and the only way the player can see him is from the pouring rain and his wet footprints.  Wow.  Creepy and ethereal.  Check out the first trailer below.

The story of an invisible world revealed by the rain.


“My Diaper’s Full” – a Parody of “You’re Beautiful”

Do you like parodies?  Love the song “You’re Beautiful” but you’re feeling kinda old.  I mean diaper old (that’s OK).  Well, you are in luck!  Check this out, gang:

Or you can click here to listen to mikeycshow’s song on YouTube.

A Real Life Mechas – The Kuratas!

Real life mechas. Need I say more?  Beware of the “Smile Shot.”

Stories by Williams

It’s official. Now you can buy a real mechanized suit of armor… provided you have 1.3 million dollars just lying around. Unveiling their latest invention this past weekend during this years Wonder Festival in Tokyo, Suidobashi Heavy Industry has created the world’s first fully operational mecha! It seems that all that anime was right after all.

Unlike their previous work – the giant robot named Vaudeville which could only move it’s arms – the new Kuratos model can moves its arms, torso, and even wheel itself around, though only at a modest speed of 10km/h. Still, beats the hell out of walking!

It also comes equipped with a full-on master-slave control system, a state-of-the-art display and targeting system, an integrated cockpit with display devices, and even some curious weapons! This includes an H2O rocket launcher, perfect those summer water-pistol fights, and two arm-mounted Gatling guns that are capable of firing…

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Kickstarter: Project Lodus, a Cyberpunk Co-Op Adventure

A group of friends living in a secluded society, brainwashed and closed off from the rest of the universe discover the remains of an advanced civilization hidden underneath their so-called utopia.

With the help of an eccentric old man who is more than he seems, four kids venture below the surface and unearth the long-lost secrets of an underground world riddled with technology, the likes of which no one they know has ever seen.

They soon learn that secrets and conspiracies hold merit, and that such power brings great evil to those who are not prepared to receive it.

For those who read novels or play video games the story presented above is all too familiar and even though it is a co-op Action RPG with its own share of loot like the Diablo and Baldur’s Gate series, this game has no orcs, elves, or other fantasy races.  Instead this is a world where the characters must experiment with human augmentation (technological and neural) in order to survive in a bleak, ancient underground city.

You might be asking “What’s new?”  That, my friends, would be the combat system or more specifically the choreography of combat.  In most Action RPGs the characters just swing weapons around without making any real, meaningful contact.  In Project Lodus the many branches of combat (which changes based upon weapons used and whether strikes are blocked or not) are being choreographed by the Academy of Theatrical Combat, which has worked on such films as Hook, Master and Commander, and Three Musketeers.

If you have any interest in helping Project Lodus get made, check out the Kickstarter page here.  Leviathan Interactive can be found on Twitter @LeviathanInt and if you want to see more videos from the Academy of Theatrical Combat check out their YouTube page.

In case my wordly abilities are questioned…


Yes, I’m a Greendale Community College student.  During the summer classes I got to make a pillow fort!  Too bad about the shortened Fall Session.  I was really hoping that classes would also be held in the Spring as well.  Does this mean I get to graduate early?

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