About the wordlyChimp

sitting on throne of swords

Risk Master

I’m not all that chimp-like, though my friends like to yell that out whenever I’m doing well in a board game (which apparently is often enough).  We have tournaments, and I’ve won the last five times.  Oops.

I also enjoy reading (namely Dune by Frank Herbert and A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin) and writing.

Oh, if you were wondering about the title of the blog…

You know how there are some moments in your life that just stick with you?  When I was younger I was playing action figures with my friend, just laughing and messing around, when I suddenly decided that Aquaman needed to save a drowning kid and had him dive into the water to save him.  Of course, the kid had no trouble saving himself, but apparently a little water was too much for the King of Atlantis.

I loved the absurdity of what befell Aquaman, and so throughout the rest of the game I’d call out: Great Wilikers!  Aquaman’s drowning!

Who among you wouldn’t laugh at such a thing?  I’m not crazy, I swear!  You have to believe me… that white jacket does look pretty comfortable, though…


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