A Clash of Gods & Men in the Ancient World (game session)

The Players:

  • Peter: a 5-time winner of the trophy, though finally usurped; The Despised One
  • Gary: he fights to reclaim long-lost power; Champion of the Free Peoples of Atlantis
  • Alan: he fights to win an oft-denied trophy; Proponent of “Peaceful Coexistence”

The Game: Risk: Godstorm

Alan was the first to remark how rare it was to see everyone having control over a continent by the end of Epoch I. Gary held Asia Minor and nearly all of Hyrkania directly to its north.  The island nation Atlantis and nearly all of Africa belonged to Alan.  Meanwhile, Pete had Germania and approximately half of Europa. It seemed that the world changed in Epoch II.

Pete, who had gone last the previous turn, went first this round and attempted to fortify Germania. He had enough faith in the gods of War and Death so they granted his wish: Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the ocean. At such a loss, Alan felt defeated and soon came to the belief that it would be Pete in control of the ancient world at the end of Epoch V. Even though it appeared that he was in a strong first place, Pete’s biggest mistakes this turn were in forgetting to draw a Death Card for holding a crypt in the Underworld and moving his army of men and gods away from Germania’s island border with Atlantis so that he could reinforce Gaul in lower Germania.

Although both Pete and Gary thought that Alan could have taken over Africa, Alan was disillusioned after the sinking of Atlantis and did not believe in his own strength and instead attacked minor territories to strengthen outlying regions of Africa. Alan did, however, have faith in his gods; Pete’s temple in Galicia was moved by the power of the gods into Yarangia, the plague-filled territory directly to the north. Gary, after taking over the rest of Hyrkania, then marched against Pete’s temple and claimed it for his own.

This marked the beginning of the end for Pete. Even though there were times when the gods were in his favor, never again would he claim any bonuses for controlling Germania.

In Epoch III both Alan and Pete attempted to remain as whole as possible while Gary continued to expand his empire, proving once again why he is feared throughout the ancient world. Gary also proved ruthless during Epoch IV when his gods used their influence against Pete by transporting his army of gods and men from Hibernia in Germania to the plague-ridden territory of Dalmatia in Europa. Upon entering Dalmatia, half of Pete’s army died of the plague and his gods were banished to the ether. Having removed his only opposition to his conquest of Germania, Gary marched into the continent unopposed.

Before his turn ended, Gary initiated a mighty Godswar with Alan, attacking from Sheba into Kush. It was at this time that the favor of his gods left Gary. Alan’s gods grew powerful and protected Alan’s armies in Kush. Afterwards, Alan sent man after man to attack the land of Phoenicia in Asia Minor, a land filled with plague, and was eventually victorious in annexing it from Gary.

Pete had been planning on building a new temple and then using a relic he had found to strengthen his grasp on Germania and then march through Europa and into Hyrkania; it was a gambit that would never come to fruition. At the start of Epoch V Gary stole Pete’s relic, which would have allowed him to roll a die and then gain that number of troops in the chosen territory. After stealing the relic, Gary used it in Gaul and did his best to take as much of Germania as he could. Although he did much damage to the countryside, the gods favored Pete during this endeavor and he was able to cut down much of the invading force. Despite this, Gary was still successful and managed to drive out Pete’s armies.

Surprisingly, Gary did not retake control of Phoenicia and thus lost out on the bonus from Asia Minor. This helped to allow Pete to retake all of Germania, though it remained in a much weakened state. Finally, as Epoch V was coming to a close, Alan sent his armies out to conquer. He took control of Africa and invaded Germania.  Even though Alan only managed to take over two territories, it would be just enough to weaken Pete’s claim on the world. And thus, Alan had an overabundance of troops vying for control in the Underworld. These dead armies took over several crypts and altars.

When all was said and done, it was Alan who held the most power in the ancient world, both on land and in the Underworld. Alan was the victor and all others were forced to bow to his superior skill.


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