Naval War – A Game Continued (game session)

The Players:

  • Peter: a 5-time winner of the trophy; The Risk Master
  • Gary: the previous holder of the Risk Master trophy; The Atlantean Champion
  • Alan: hasn’t won the trophy, despite his love of nuclear booms; Proponent of “Peaceful Coexistence”
  • Steve: the only one who could prove a threat to Pete’s might– if he played more games; The Occasionally Present

The Game: Naval War

I have to admit that this was not a fresh game.  At the start of THE FINAL ROUND Alan had 79 points, Pete had 56, Gary had 27, and Steve… had 7? Very interesting… I just wish I remember what the previous rounds were like.  Though if Steve’s points were so low, does that mean that we had played a few rounds several months ago and he kept losing (since losing all your ships nets you a whooping -10 points to your score) or had we only played one round and Alan was just extremely lucky?  Perhaps we simply stopped playing so that Steve wouldn’t miss his train.  Doesn’t really matter much now since the game ended up lasting only one more round…

Naturally, Alan had a big target on his back.  Pete obliged by sending some powerful mines his way (but, so as not to seem completely mean-spirited, he also sent them after Steve).  Actually, I guess that was somewhat mean-spirited considering how many points Steve had, though if he had sent even more at Alan it would have been quite cruel (and anyways Steve won the game of Talisman we played right before finishing this game).  Everyone took shots at Steve and Alan and quickly gained some points.  Actually, I don’t think Alan or Steve gained that many points or, if they had, it didn’t amount to much since they **SPOILER ALERT** ended up being the only players eliminated during the game.

At least, after awhile, everyone started shooting everyone else.  Eventually, though, Pete realized he had little chance of actually acquiring the ammo he needed for his ships, so he instead turned toward his aircraft carriers.  It was at that point when the game truly turned epic.

See, for aircraft carriers to sink the other ships a 1 has to be rolled on a die.  Until the end of the game, Pete almost always sunk a ship.  Words cannot accurately describe the death and destruction rained from above.  It was Pete who ultimately sunk what was left of Steve and Alan’s fleets, and he nearly came close to destroying what was left of Gary’s fleet (though it must also be mentioned that by the end of the game Pete only had two aircraft carriers left in his own fleet).  It was guessed that Pete sunk at least 8 ships this way.  It’s certainly possible, considering that he got 80 points in that round alone… the number of points Alan had gained throughout the course of the entire game Pete managed to get in ONE ROUND.  Wow.

Too bad this victory wasn’t videotaped.


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I read, write, and play games. Reverend Mothers fear the power of my prose (well, that's what I tell myself). I am the Risk Master.

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