Risk, a Lord of the Rings Tale (game session)

The Players:

  • Peter: a 5-time winner of the trophy; The Risk Master
  • Gary: the previous holder of the Risk Master trophy; The Atlantean Champion
  • Alan: hasn’t won the trophy, despite his love of nuclear booms; Proponent of “Peaceful Coexistence”
  • Steve: the only one who could prove a threat to Pete’s might– if he played more games; The Occasionally Present

The Game: Risk: Lord of the Rings (Trilogy Edition)

Middle-Earth’s Third Age was coming to a close.  The armies of Man and Elf clashed with the destructive prowess of orcs and traitorous humans.  Some struggles were massacres on a scale that threatened to destroy even the most hardy of warriors.  Despite the threat of enslavement by Sauron and his orc hordes, the humans and elves did not always see eye-to-eye and often fought over contested land; Sauron was pleased at the fear he inspired in their hearts.  The hobbits left the Shire with the One Ring, hoping to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom.

Luckily for Alan’s Gold Cloaks, he mainly only had to contend with the Iron-born orcs led by Gary.  Although the Gold Cloaks were overpowering, the Iron-born often held firm and tried pushing back the humans, despite the humans spreading like locusts.  Near the start of the war, the Gold Cloaks broke through the Gates of Mordor by going under the mountains, but Alan feared a heavy reprisal and he was not yet ready to suffer the huge casualties in the war effort.

Even though the orcs retook their lands, Alan’s patience was well rewarded; having seen the Gold Cloaks in action, many Gondorians took up the cause and the stronghold near the Gates of Mordor swelled with more soldiers.  The stronghold was now nigh-impregnable.

To the north, war was waged between Steven’s elven army and the Blood-born orcs led by Pete over the lands of Mirkwood and the surrounding territories.  Despite the need to defend their homeland, the Blood-born easily bested the elves in Mirkwood, and would hold onto most of the ancestral elven land for nearly the entirety of the war.  The elves were not prepared for the ferocity of the orcs; they lost many a brave warrior.

The Blood-born and Gold Cloaks did not clash often, but one such battle occurred in the land between The Wold and southern Mirkwood; despite superior numbers, the humans proved better in battle.  For each arrow unleashed by the Blood-born, the Gold Cloaks’ arrows hit their target; for every Gold Cloak defending their stronghold, two Blood-born were killed.  Realizing that his orcs could not break human determination to not give in, Pete ordered a retreat in order to regroup and concentrate his forces elsewhere.

When most necessary, the humans and orcs had no trouble rallying more troops to the cause, and with each new swelling came more devastation upon the land of Middle-Earth.  The elves, meanwhile, were already well on their way sailing west toward the Gray Havens and could not so readily replenish their ranks.  The longer the war continued the more evident this became.  Despite rumors from the humans and Iron-born, they were not the ones to initiate the complete obliteration of elves in Middle-Earth.

Pete, Commander of the Blood-born, knew what needed to be done.

Traveling east out of Mirkwood, the Blood-born sought to eliminate all remnants of elven civilization.  By now, only a handful of untrained elven warriors remained; there was no resistance.  No battle lasted long as the elves fell, one by one, to their oppressors.  The orcs could do no wrong… except that they could no wipe out the last three remaining settlements.  Though prideful in their accomplishments, it would be the humans, with greed finally flowing freely in their hearts, to land the final blow against their one-time allies.

Without any hesitation the Gold Cloaks killed all elves north and east of The Wold, and although the Blood-born incurred some of their wrath, it was the Iron-born who felt their steel hardest.  Once more the humans went under the mountains and slaughtered nearly all orcs living in Mordor.  The lands of Gondor, Mordor, and Haradwaith belonged to the humans, whose influence was even spreading into Wilderland.  It was only a matter of time before all the races of Middle-Earth bowed before the iron glove of the humans.

Despite the humans prospering during this time of crisis and the orcs needing to regroup and strategize for the upcoming grand finale, Sauron still expected to win.  Though the hobbits made it to Mount Doom, Sauron expected the One Ring to remain safe—after all, Gollum, a creature whose life of hundreds of years depended solely on the One Ring, was with them and plotting to recover his lost treasure.  Not for one moment did Sauron actually think the hobbits would succeed…

And, as expected, Alan won the game!  He won’t be so lucky next time.


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I read, write, and play games. Reverend Mothers fear the power of my prose (well, that's what I tell myself). I am the Risk Master.

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