The Aliens Should Have Developed Better Weaponry (game session)

The Players:

  • Peter: a 5-time winner of the trophy; The Risk Master
  • Gary: the previous holder of the Risk Master trophy; The Atlantean Champion
  • Alan: has never won the trophy, despite his love of nuclear explosions; Proponent of “Peaceful Coexistence”
  • Steve: perhaps the only one who could prove a threat to Pete’s might– if he played more games; The Occasionally Present

The Game: Risk Halo Wars

The Aliens were not prepared for their war against the humans on the planet of Arcadia. Their weapon and defensive systems were no match for the might of Steven and Gary (the so-called humans). No discussion was ever entertained by them; if the humans wanted something, they just took it. No amount of planning could have prepared the aliens for the genocide perpetrated by the humans.

The alien general Alan was all: “Please, Mr. Human, take my land. I won’t stop you. Don’t hurt me, please!” But who could trust a scum-bucket human? Not only did the humans mow down the defenseless aliens under Alan’s care, but they even took his base! Granted, Alien-Pete didn’t fare much better, but at least he picked up his guns and tried to shoot.

Steve and Gary prevented the aliens from achieving their goal of capturing 4 colonies and took that achievement for themselves. It was all downhill from there. In the end, the military might of the humans proved to be too much for the little aliens just trying to survive. The only consolation for the aliens: Pete’s alien hero was the only one to actually win a battle and NOT DIE at the hands of the power-mad humans. Still, what could one alien do against a horde hairless apes?

Steve and Gary win!

Note: nothing seemed to work in favor of Alan and Pete; there was almost no point in even rolling dice for attacking and defending.  Still, nothing can take away from the victory of Steve and Gary. (grumble, grumble)


About wordlyChimp

I read, write, and play games. Reverend Mothers fear the power of my prose (well, that's what I tell myself). I am the Risk Master.

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