Find the Crown and Gain Immortality!

Here are the stories of four people whose lives became intertwined through the bad luck of seeking a simple treasure in the hopes of being marked for Immortality!

The beardless thief stole from them—all of them—but he took great pleasure in taking much, be it money or powerful objects, from the monk. The poor monk had grown to hate the thief who always seemed right around the bend; it was no different when the holy man turned toad.

Though weak in all but Will, the priest made great effort to not become like the monk, instead focusing on the symbol The Crown hidden in the inner depths. And lastly was the prophetess—rich in gold and magical objects but poor in strength and health—who was first to find a Key to the Crown (stolen by the thief but found again)!

When the witch saw fit to turn the thief toad, it was the priest that picked up the remnants of the thief’s items. The prophetess was the first to enter the Middle Realm, but was quickly expelled by the appearance of a portal; she would use this time to grow supernaturally crafty. Ah, the poor monk! He was not able to abide to the wizard’s demand of a magical object, thus stumping and halting his progress towards the crown.

Feeling his grasp on Immortality shaken, the beardless thief charged into the Inner Realm, hoping to overwhelm the priest who had thus made it that far baring any serious injury. The priest had grown strong, and though much damage blocked by the thief’s shield, the rouge was forced to submit to the priest’s power.

Ah, but it would not the priest to win glory, for the prophetess had her magic and guile cut short the life of the proud priest. No matter the hurt done to her (and she did hurt greatly) there was nothing the priest could do to combat her magical prowess.

And lastly, the poor monk eventually met the wizard’s demands and was able to enter the Inner Realms (having consistently remaining hidden to the crown’s power, only to be felled by a creature of the inner depths before getting the chance to look into the eyes of the haunting prophetess.

And thus, with crown in hand, it would be the prophetess to win the glory and sepulcher of an immortality that only this poet can recollect.


About wordlyChimp

I read, write, and play games. Reverend Mothers fear the power of my prose (well, that's what I tell myself). I am the Risk Master.

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