A Game of Catan (game session)

The Players:

  • Peter: a 5-time winner of the trophy, formerly “The Usurper”; The Risk Master
  • Gary: the previous holder of the Risk Master trophy; The Atlantean Champion
  • Alan: has never won the trophy, despite his love of nuclear explosions; Proponent of “Peaceful Coexistence”

The Game: Settlers of Catan

Although it wasn’t a short game, it didn’t seem to drag out (well, at least to me it didn’t). Pete just kept chopping down trees and at the nearby port traded two of these resources for whatever his devious mind devised. He was even so lucky as to have the bonus for the longest road… well, for a while that is. Alan came out of nowhere and snatched that bonus from under Pete’s nose, and then just continued to build roads. Apparently roads are the wave of the future.

Although everyone’s society grew, Peter was clearly the threat. Still, he wasn’t above using the robber to his advantage by having him rob from the same two settlements/cities over and over and over again. Despite this, Pete also deployed his knights to these areas as well and claiming these spoils. Using both robbers and knights! How very much like Pete!

You may have noticed that Gary hasn’t been mentioned much yet. This is why: while there is little truth to the allegations that he had wood for sheep, it is however known that he greatly enjoyed the company of his sheep and often kept several herds around him at all times.

In the Game of Catan you either have the largest civilization or you lay with sheep. There is no middle ground. Pete won the Game of Catan.

[This game session has been brought to you by The Usurper/New King.]


About wordlyChimp

I read, write, and play games. Reverend Mothers fear the power of my prose (well, that's what I tell myself). I am the Risk Master.

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