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To Save the Three Realms

After decades of strife caused by the accidental creation of unnatural creatures by the red-haired wizard Koko, the kingdom of Seltzardia split into three realms ruled not by mankind but the wizard’s own twisted fiends.  As penance for what he wrought, Koko went into the deepest fires of the Inner Realm and poured all of his power into the creation of the Crown of Command—an artifact that can cause all to submit.  Though it was not quite what he intended, Koko’s power was gone from him, which all but ensured that he would die before being able to correct his mistake.  It is said that to even behold such an artifact of power can cause honest men to become base and cruel.

Having met in a tavern and speaking without truly thinking, Frodius the Minstrel, Paola the Prophetess, and Matthias the Warrior banded together to seek out this mysterious artifact in order to bring peace to the Three Realms.  The best laid plans, however…

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