Board Games… a Novel Idea?

I have many names, though the one most bandied around is “The Despised One.” It’s better than some of the others I’ve had, which have turned my accomplishments into a mockery. “Re-Pete.” “3-Pete.” The first time I led my armies to victory I shattered the ruler of the previous era. My reign has continued over the course of the next three eras in history. In a chaotic world such as this, only one can be called “Master.” Allies, naturally, have become enemies.

“We must not let him win again!”

I’ve heard this mantra for many years and suspect to hear it for years to come. It has yet to deter me. It has yet to defeat me.

What happened to the days when you’d send gungans to battle destroyer droids and actually wanted to see the gungans blown to bits or seeing the honor in three soldiers holding back a horde of orcs? Ah, what happened to the days when absolute victory was not all there was to life!


I’ve never really done a blog before and I’m not sure what to expect, but I thought I’d try something a little… different. Almost every week I get together with a group of friends and we play board games.

Moar like bored games, m i rite? (sigh)

What if I tried writing about them? I don’t mean reviews or even a play-by-play. That can lose something in the translation. It might be interesting to give each gaming session a narrative and literary structure. Sure, some details might be lost while others are embellished. It would be great if I could combine my love of gaming with my love of writing to create something unique and fun.

And now for something different…


About wordlyChimp

I read, write, and play games. Reverend Mothers fear the power of my prose (well, that's what I tell myself). I am the Risk Master.

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