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It’s Almost Halloween!

Ah, my harlequin baby, I see that you’ve

Been born already dressed for Halloween!

Celebrate with us, my dear boy, and cheer us

With that great big smile of yours!


A Pirate’s Life for Me!

It was a familiar game among lesser pirates: sink or capture enough ships and be the first to be rewarded with 100 gold from the captain!  It was a bloody sport of steel, fire, and death, all seemingly for a massive inflation of ego and a standard of gold.  What pirate could resist such violent fun, and what pirate in his right mind would turn away the chance for some easy cash?  Such were the thoughts of three scourges of the sea: Udyrte (older dirt) Patches, Dyrte le Tiger, and Verbal Peppers, whose father had always wanted him to become a doctor.

Udyrte Patches: “I was a captain and, dammit, I’m going to be a captain again!”

Dyrte le Tiger:  though he has a desire to become a captain, he takes great pleasure in creating chaos.  To the rest of the world he is known as a dangerously demented man.

Verbal Peppers:  a young man oft neglected due to his communication difficulties; no one understood his use of silence, but they would come to respect and fear it in time.

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Fall of Our Man-Made Gods

I had the most horrible dream…

Two seemingly peaceful city-states kept growing and growing, their interest in the arts vanishing as the thought of war dominated all.  Both city-states appeared equal in strength and in the appetite for battle; a master-at-arms and his armies need only wait for the proper utterance, that command so powerful as to change the face of the earth.  Unbeknownst to those chanting the return of The Hated One to their home, their enemy to the west had hired a renowned strategist for the unenviable and the inevitable.

The Hated One had been gone from the world for too long; he did not recognize the obvious signs of danger, and thus his own plans went afoul.

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Board Games… a Novel Idea?

I have many names, though the one most bandied around is “The Despised One.” It’s better than some of the others I’ve had, which have turned my accomplishments into a mockery. “Re-Pete.” “3-Pete.” The first time I led my armies to victory I shattered the ruler of the previous era. My reign has continued over the course of the next three eras in history. In a chaotic world such as this, only one can be called “Master.” Allies, naturally, have become enemies.

“We must not let him win again!”

I’ve heard this mantra for many years and suspect to hear it for years to come. It has yet to deter me. It has yet to defeat me.

What happened to the days when you’d send gungans to battle destroyer droids and actually wanted to see the gungans blown to bits or seeing the honor in three soldiers holding back a horde of orcs? Ah, what happened to the days when absolute victory was not all there was to life!

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